About us.


We live in a world full of options, products, and solutions. With the number of choices that are at our disposal, the only way to capture people’s attention is to be the brand people love and trust.

At Rebel Motion, we know that building a brand is all about connection, experience, and emotion. And that's why we believe so strongly in the power of video.

We understand that every brand, story, and target audience is different, so we have built a team of award winning cinematographers, writers, and marketers who specialize in brand, visual storytelling, and marketing. From start to finish, our team of experts are here to guide you through brand, narrative, and visual  content strategy.

People don't want to be sold to— they want to watch honest, human content that they can connect with.

We care about more than just visual storytelling. We care about measurable results and data-driven decision making. If you're looking to get attention for your brand, then investing in video is the new way to meet your goals.

People today are obsessed with video, because strong visual storytelling has the power to evoke emotions and instantly connect with people.

Rebel Motion can create that video for you.


Meet our team.