#FemaleFilmmakerFriday: Holyrad Studio

#FemaleFilmmakerFriday: Holyrad Studio

Grace Chan

From the very beginning of Rebel Motion, we’ve had the support of Daryl Oh from Holyrad Studio. In fact, she was the one who took our iconic B&W headshots!

Holyrad is undergoing their next phase: #HolyradKickstarter. And we’re super proud to support them, and feature Holyrad in our #FemaleFilmmakerFriday blog series.


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REBEL: Before we delve deeper, who is Holyrad? What is Holyrad?

HOLYRAD: Hi! I’m Daryl, the founder of Holyrad. Holyrad Studio is a creative agency and production studio revolutionizing freelance culture by providing affordable access to space, equipment, and resources. Whatever you envision, we want to help you bring to life.

REBEL: Do you identify more as a creative or a creator?

HOLYRAD: Creative is an adjective. A doctor can be creative. A lawyer can have a creative approach. A creator is a visionary. A creator is a maker. A creator is an artist. Artists have been at the vanguard of the zeitgeist since antiquity, the first people to draw on cave walls.

REBEL: One of the reasons we’re constantly drawn over and over to work with Holyrad and elevate Holyrad is that we share the common goals of putting diversity as a pillar that guides our work. How have the identities you hold become assets or obstacles to your work? And what advice would you give to those who are 'different' from the 'mainstream' in being successful at what they do?

I always say we are valuable because of our experiences, not despite them. Experiencing adversity helps me be more intune with the needs of our community, more resilient in the face of obstacles, and is what makes my approach to all things unique. The question is have you figured out how to communicate that to the world as an asset? Are you making yourself easy to hire because of how your mind works rather than how good you can take a photo?

REBEL: What sets Holyrad apart from other creative spaces? And how would you describe the community that Holyrad has built from this current space?

HOLYRAD: What sets us apart is our approach. Our system is set up to find solutions, not assume we have all of them. We are all a work in progress and we need a system that is the same. We use the model of ‘Problem - Research - Test - Prove - Apply.’ When one of our members comes to us with a problem we research to find a solution, test the solution with them, if we prove that it works and then apply it to our programming as a solution for everyone else.

REBEL: I know we're not supposed to pick favourites when it comes to creative projects, but what are some memorable projects in 2018?

HOLYRAD: My most memorable projects were easily the collaboration with performance artist Hazkel Brown aka Homosinner for Posture magazine. I have never had a more true and honest collaboration between all the creators on set. From Joe van Overbeeks incredible storytelling through his high concept styling to Indra's other-wordly makeup art, it was honestly set the bar as to what a Holyrad Studio set should feel like. It was more than just the editorial for Posture Magazine, it was in and of itself an experience that pushed all of us to be our best and truest selves.

The other most memorable project was our studio's collaboration with Bricks Magazine for the cover of The Future Issue. Tori, the incredible founder and head editor, is truly committed to providing a platform and publications that puts people on, not just support the already successful. She came to us looking for a team to shoot the first ever Drag Kids cover story featuring Desmond is Amazing and his collective of drag kids, Haus of Amazing.

REBEL: Tell us more about what your plans are for Holyrad in the upcoming year. What is #HolyradKickstarter? 

So far our studio model has had over 390 unique members since 2017, over 1400 member shoots, more than 48 member events and 24 community events. For every 1 member that we are helping, 1 person waits in line. More space means more members served, with a different type of space, assets, and resources. We’re doing a Kickstarter because the Holyrad model already works - now it’s a matter of bringing it to additional locations, and the Kickstarter will be the initial capital to catalyze the model.

And if we want to use the Holyrad model with a real-life example: PROBLEM - Holyrad needed more money for its next location. RESEARCH - We asked Virginia Zamora, who ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, for her help. TEST - She helped us in our research, execution and promotion. PROVE - We launch a Kickstarter campaign. APPLY - Virginia will be teaching this skill to the rest of the Holyrad community at our Masterclass.

Thank you Daryl for your time! Be sure to follow them on Instagram @holyrad_studio and donate to their Kickstarter campaign right here.

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