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Top Malaysian influencers - @janechuck, @mrbriansee, @ash_lsl and @daphnecharice, were invited to Coach’s NYFW ‘18 and we worked with them to create photo and video content for their socials and blogs.

Camera Operator / Photographer: Renee Xie
Editor: Razieme Iborra


The first film in a series of experimental fashion films seeking to redefine the female gaze.

Featuring the dress and lingerie collections of major couture designers Rebecca Szymczak and Michelle Hébert, Wonderland I explore and subverts Alice's story in Wonderland.

Writer/Director: Isabella Tan
DP: Peter Pascucci
Creative Director/PD: Prisca Choe
Editor: Peter Zachwieja
Colorist: Irving Harvey


Wonderland II

Rebel Motion x HMN Creative. (Currently in Post-Production)

Based on the story of the Little Mermaid, this fashion film uses the classic tale to depict the struggle of clinging to her 'Asian' roots in an increasingly Westernized world, featuring items from Michelle Hébert.

Directors: Isabella Tan & Prisca Choe
DoP: Gaul Porat
Producers: Alec Shangold & Britt Pham


We Are Here

Featuring styles from the household name H&M, Rebel Motion presents a political fashion film reminding us that no matter where we come from, we belong here.

Director / DOP: Isabella Tan
Cinematographer: Dada Shikago
Production Design: Prisca Choe



Set in a car factory, 'FORESIGHT' features Malaysian Designers: ALWYN CHUA, QUHJI, PEARLY WONG, AFIQ M, VING MING.

Director & DOP: Isabella Tan
Stylist & Art Director: Timur Gabriel
Editor: Mia Vinciguerra
Music: DON RAGA //
MUA: Chris Toh & Christal Image Pro Makeup Academy