music videos.


We had the opportunity to work with Halima and her team to create this visual EP debut. This is part 1 of a 2-song release.

Director: Nina Gofur
DoP: Isabella Tan
Producers: Will Frank, Kylan Tyng
Production Designer: Sonya Stepanova
Editing: Lily Newton
Colorist: Alexia Salingaros


A fun music video with a lighthearted story for upcoming artist Greg Aram. The co-directors approached us with the initial concept, and we help refined the story and provided notes on edits.

Directors: Anthony Pellino, Daddy Ramazani
DoP: Isaac Berner
Production Designer: Patricia Jamandre
HMUA: Olivia Santos


The Edge

A debut music video with a twist of an ending for upcoming artist DEZI. Rebel Motion collaborated closely with DEZI from story conception all the way to the launch party.

Director: Isabella Tan
DoP: Ben Davis
Producer: Grace Chan
HMUA: Justine Sierakowski // Insha Mirza
AD: Razieme Iborra
Editing: Patrick Walsh
Colorist: David Torcivia
Cast: Anders Geipel, Allie Carter, Grace Chan, Connor Syrios